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Lanier-McCormack Wealth Management

3638 Walton Way Extension

Suite 300
Augusta, GA 30909

Philosophy & Process

Our Investment Philosophy & Process

Our goal, when we bring on new clients, is to help them fully address the critical areas of their financial lives, and to make sure the different things they are doing make sense, and that they are all coordinated.  There is no reason to have investment, insurance, tax, and estate planning strategies in place if they are working at cross-purposes to one another.  We help our clients get things in order in an effort to have their assets work as hard as possible for better long-term outcomes.

New clients can expect us to want to understand everything they are doing so that we can develop strategies to enhance what they already have in place.  We will ask a lot of questions, and thoroughly cover areas we believe should be addressed.  The work we do is as good as the information our clients provide, and we strive to provide an environment that promotes honesty and transparency both for us as well as for our clients.  Our affiliation with Avantax, our broker-dealer, gives us the ability to provide sophisticated investment and insurance planning, and to incorporate tax-focused investments and insurance strategies as needed.  The research capabilities, managed money platforms, insurance consultants, alternative investment due diligence, financial technologies, and training for both our advisors and support staff, keep us up to date on the latest trends in the industry and the most tax-efficient ways to service our clients.  We are proud of our planning process, and look forward to using all the knowledge and tools at our disposal to help each new client who comes through our door.