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Lanier-McCormack Wealth Management

3638 Walton Way Extension

Suite 300
Augusta, GA 30909

Our Value

At Lanier-McCormack Wealth Management we provide tax-advantaged wealth creation, distribution and preservation strategies for affluent and semi-affluent retirees and pre-retirees. Our specialization in retirement income and estate planning uses a long-term planning perspective to provide a wide range of tax efficient wealth management solutions.

We believe that ethical financial advisors should always advise clients to seek tax guidance from their CPA prior to making investment decisions. At Lanier-McCormack Wealth Management, we offer tax-centric wealth management services and advice in conjunction with the ongoing tax guidance provided to you by Fuller, Frost, & Associates, CPAs.

Our expertise as CPAs and financial advisors empowers our firm to understand the delicate interplay between investments and taxes, and deliver a service experience that strives to be more comprehensive than other advisory firms. Our clients benefit from this understanding, and our relationship with the client subsequently thrives as a result. In the end we are more than a wealth management firm - we are drivers of satisfaction due to our ability to deliver our unique array of abilities across many areas of financial services, while developing personal, lasting relationships with our clients.